CHRISTIAN BREIL | Bio Christian Breil

Hi, I’m Christian Breil

I am a designer and graphic illustrator and narrator. My favorite material is first and foremost: Pencil. 
I love it how an idea fluently flows through my hand on a piece of paper. I love to draw people in motion, movements of bodies and garments and I love to give a face that sparkle of liveliness.
For coloring I prefer oil crayons, ink, aquarelles and of course: Photoshop. 

Recently I started to illustrate a graphic story, ROZSIKA, taking place in Berlin in 1938. This project contains a lot of scenic setting.
I will publish excerpts from the process of this work soon.

My drawing career started when I was born – I cannot remember myself not drawing. At school I wasn’t an A-grader in art class because I wasn’t staying in line, but always breaking out of it. My parents took this as a compliment and supported my passion.

After a childhood of piles and boxes of drawings and aquarelles and a few won drawing-competitions I somehow landed at fashion-school. I assume my love for drawing figures and my admiration for dance-moves were a great help to figure out seam-lines and silhouettes for clothing.

In 1998 I spent a year in Florence and Milan, Italy. But I didn’t like the exploitation of the fashion-system there so I went back to Germany where I became a copy-writer in a pr-agency in Cologne. I was responsible for the art-direction of an entire B-to-B-magazine for Elizabeth Arden, the New York cosmetic company.

In 2002 I opened my own fashion-boutique with a business-partner to make sure we can sell our very own creations – independent from all dictates of fashion. I wanted to transport the line of my pencil and the dynamic it created in the figures it drew into real life – into clothes. Over all these years I never stopped drawing, searching for the perfect line.

In 2017 I opened a new shop with my husband, music-producer Royal Fia. This time we made it a cradle of creative expression. Music, clothes and illustrations and much much more.

The world is the way you look at it! 
X Christian