CHRISTIAN BREIL | Fashion Drawing 05 – 15

Fashion Drawing 05 – 15

Branding, Free work
About This Project

As an illustrator from the heart I spent a long time of my career in the illustration and creation of clothing – and still do. From the beginning it was not my pursuit to bring out one collection after the other, but to bring new timeless design classics to being. This was only possible by establishing my own showrooms from the start: HOLLY (2002 – 2016) and CHRIS&ROY (2016 – 2021). Here I would have the liberty to create what I wanted. And I did.

Fashion Drawings have a huge benefit: You can let your hands and mind go wild on lines and colors. They are the best drawings to practise the proportions of the human body and its critical details, like hands, feet and faces. And: You can create personas of their own beauty.

To draw lines that would eventually end up as actual seaming in the out-coming clothes was what made my own style of fashion popular.