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book illustration, Character design, Comic, Cover Artwork
About This Project

In 2020 I met Stephanie Haight. She was working on self-publishing a kids’ book at the time, a funny story she had told to her son 25 years ago. She had the story almost put into a nice readable format – only was still missing an illustrator who could catch her idea of the characters in the story and the scenery.


The story is about a Baby Elephant named Steff, who bumps into a Baby Snake named Krisss, which he mistakes for an elephant trunk that lost its body. The two new friends begin to look for Kriss’s head and body, encountering many other animals in the wild. The story ends with both kids accepting that they are different and still be able to be best of friends.


In my drawings I wanted to keep anything childlike or human in the characters’ appearance only in their eyes, while keeping every gesture or posture as animal as possible. It was important for us, not to become too disattached from the beautiful details of the African wilderness, like the skin of an Elephant, its wrinkles, the feathers of an ostrich or the swaying grass and wandering clouds of the wide open African savanna.


We wanted to create a stunning wide landscape and many nice details to be discovered for both, the kids but also the reading parent.

Everything was done in pencil drawings, which I scanned and colored digitally after.